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Sincere person, Top 10 Characteristics of a sincere person

When asked what characteristics you value most in a person, in 90% of instances, we hear “sincerity”. Indeed, it appears that what we love most about the person next to us is that he is a sincere person. However, finding in others the qualities of a sincere person without a mask is difficult.

Being sincere and honest is not simple: we all want to business deal with heartfelt and door-to-door people, as well as loyal, but to what level are we sincere with others? In this article, we show you what are the 10 characteristics of a sincere person.

sincere Person

What is sincerity

The word sincerity deducts from the Latin sine cera, or “without wax”. It is aforesaid, in fact, that in the time of the ancient Romans, there was no sugar, and, therefore, honey was used to sweeten drinks. However, not all beekeepers were honest, and to get more honey to sell they often blended it with beeswax, making it less pure.

The word sincere points to a person “without wax” or a person who is clear, authentic, not falsified, and who does not use dishonesty or traps in his relationship with other people.

presently, the idea of ​​sincerity that is crystal clear in contemporary linguistic duty emphasizes the self-inspection of the subject in human action and words. Thus, in result to the question, what is sincerity? we decide that it was obvious itself in the full coincidence of the individual with himself, a very applicable quality that more than answers the question of why the value of sincerity is important.

If you want to work on this alignment with yourself, we recommend you read our post Being honest with yourself, because to be honest with others, we first have to be honest with ourselves.

what is a sincere person?

If you wonder what it means to be a sincere and honorable person, according to the definitions contained in the dictionaries, it means to have an agreement between an expression or behavior with the real way of feeling or thinking.

One of the primary characteristics of a sincere person without a mask is that he expresses with infinite truth what he feels, what he thinks, and what he is. Being honest with others is a great test of bravery and freedom. For this account, the worth of sincerity is important, since being sincere is a necessary characteristic if we want to live independently with full respect for each other, and above all for ourselves.

Unfortunately, sincerity is something very rare today, since there are many individuals who tend to lie perpetually, even without a good intellect and without ever asking for mercy. Recognizing the authenticity of sincere and honest people is not easy, but through a few small measures, it is possible to understand when it is a really very sincere person.

Top 10 Traits of a Sincere Person

To finish apprehension about what it means to be honest and why it’s important, here are 10 characteristics of an honest person. This will assist you to identify what their qualities are:

  1. Good atmosphere. Sincere and direct people have a great ability to put people at ease, thanks to their sincerity.
  2. Deep honesty. Being honest means always saying what you believe, even under challenging circumstances and even when it’s not what others want to hear.
  3. No tricks. A heartfelt person does not have to hide behind false and constructed behavior and does not try in any way to use lures or false words of appreciation to please someone.
  4. Respect. A sincere person without a disguise does not want to betray anyone or expose the trust of others. For this reason, he shows great affection toward his neighbor and his feelings.
  5. coherence. Especially sincere people not only always say and believe what they think, but also behave in a manner consistent with their thoughts.
  6. Good conversation. Sincerity makes people unique, subjects with whom any discourse can be dealt.
  7. They are not suppressed. Sincere people are confident in always expressing their emotions unassertively and freely, without any fearfulness. If you want to learn more about assertiveness, in this article you will find information about assertiveness and examples.
  8. attentive. In the face of any mistake or difficulty, even after an argument, sincere and honest people are very attentive and can be a real support, since they know how to listen and are always ready to understand the motivations.
  9. They don’t judge. another one of the qualities of sincere people is that no substance how much they can express their ideas, they never judge others, unlike hypocritical people of easy unfavorable judgment.
  10. Psychological maturity. Sincerity is established in attitudes of a non-defensive quality and in psychological adulthood.

It is clear that being a sincere person does not mean hurting the feelings of others, but rather taking responsibility for one’s own behavior, and respecting oneself and others. If you want to learn more about this topic and avoid committing sincericide.

sincere person characteristics

How to be a sincere person

If you have already understood why the value of sincerity is important and you know what are the characteristics of a sincere and honest person, you may be interested in learning how to be a sincere person. You should know that it will take time. You do not become honest overnight, because it is not enough to reduce the number of lies or express what you think frankly.

You can start being honest with small steps, which will guide you so that, little by little, you integrate the characteristics of a sincere and honest person. To get started, we recommend following the tips below:

  • Acknowledge your own dishonesty. If you want to improve, you first have to acknowledge the problem, so think about times you have been dishonest with someone in the past and admit that in some circumstances you have been dishonest.
  • Put yourself in the shoes of others. Imagine that you are in the place of people with whom you have often been insincere, how would you feel when being deceived?
  • Face your fears. If you have been dishonest with others at times, it may be because you were afraid of exposing yourself to negative judgment from them.
  • Be sincere in small things. To get in the habit of being honest, start doing it from the little things.
  • Use the correct words. There are ways and ways to express a sincere thought. It all depends on the words we use. To help you achieve this, we recommend this article where you will find Techniques to develop the capacity for assertiveness.
  • Choose the best moment. Being a sincere person takes time. This means that, in some cases, you have to wait for the right moment to be honest, especially when it comes to expressing a potentially negative opinion or revealing an uncomfortable truth.

To advance in this process, we recommend that you keep a journal in which you record your resolutions, and learnings, and with which to celebrate your achievements on the path to your own alignment. To help you situate yourself and know where you are right now, as far as assertiveness is concerned, we encourage you to take your assertiveness and Empathy Test.

This article is only for informative purposes, at Psychologyorg we do not have the ability to make a diagnosis or recommend treatment. We urge you to go to a psychologist to treat your specific case.


In conclusion, a sincere person is someone who embodies qualities such as honesty, integrity, authenticity, empathy, humility, respectfulness, trustworthiness, open-mindedness, responsibility, and consistency. These individuals are authentic and true to themselves, and they also treat others with respect and kindness. Being sincere is not just about avoiding deception, but also about being honest, dependable, and living with strong moral principles. A sincere person is someone who can be trusted and respected, and they bring positivity and authenticity to the world around them. In a world that can often be filled with deceit and dishonesty, the presence of a sincere person is truly invaluable.

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