Dream That You Kill Someone

What Does it Mean to Dream That You Kill Someone?

Not all dreams are interpretable within the framework of a psychoanalytic session, sometimes there is not enough material, not enough associations, and sometimes the interpretations can come a long time later. Freud said the dream is the fulfillment of a wish, and not just any wish, but rather an unconscious wish. He also said that dreams are the royal road to access the unconscious.

What we are going to look for in the dream is not the fulfillment of something that the patient can tell us in his waking life (in his conscious speech), but we are going to look for an element that rather contradicts what the patient He has been telling us something that breaks that supposed meaning regarding what is happening to him and what is happening to his life. Therefore, in this Psychologyorg article, we are going to evaluate and explain what it means to dream that you kill someone.

The meaning of dreams

Dreams do not have a universal meaning, that is, what you dream will not have the same meaning for a friend or for an Eskimo in the cold lands of the Arctic. Dreams can present very similar scenes, times, characteristics, and sensations, but there is no point in interpreting them as a dictionary since dreams contain a lot of information from the waking state and from the unconscious of each person in particular.

Many of us would like to have an idea fairly close to the truth of the meaning of dreams. The idea handled by the culture is the mystical possibility that dreams work as omens because they are based on proven and measured facts.

However, Sigmund Freud (1899) said that his experience confirmed his statement that the most frequent content of dreams is linked to our most ardent passions, but he also said that to a greater or lesser degree, the content of dreams will always be determined. by the individual personality, age, sex, position, degree of culture, and habitual lifestyle of the subject and by the events of his past.

Considering Freud’s approach, dreaming that you kill someone will be more associated with all that we have discussed and not as a linear fact, since dreams do not obey a nexus like any other associative articulation of the subject’s discourse.

It would be much more interesting if the interpretation of this type of dream were thought of as a network (interwoven) and not as Sigmund Freud proposed with his term “associative chain” because this, in turn, implies the following problem:

The links of each chain present simple associative links (for example, the chain is made up of 4 links (1, 2, 3 and 4), 1 will be associated with 2 and 2 with the next one, which is 3 and the latter with 4, but 3 will not be associated with 1 or 2 with 4.

If we think of it as a network or as a type of family tree, the interpretation of this type of dream will be much more effective and profitable for the dreamer, since the links will be ramified. Following each new experience, two or more dream elements will come into effect.

What does it mean to dream that you kill someone unknown?

Dreaming of killing someone unknown does not mean that from one moment to the next we are going to take a weapon and murder someone without any premeditation, since as explained previously, dreams can follow a network of signifiers that in the end will offer us the origin of our genealogical tree of signifiers.

If you wonder what the meaning of dreaming of killing an unknown person is, then we will show you its main psychological interpretations:

  • Concern for death: it is conceived as something tragic, painful, and sad, like the loss of something or the absence of someone important. Before them, we recommend you read this article on how to overcome the fear of death.
  • Naturalization of mourning : state that death is something inevitable and that this is part of life itself.
  • Very repressed latent desire: dreaming that you kill someone with a knife, even though it is someone unknown is something distressing, shameful, and deplorable. The shame, anguish, and disapproval of this type of behavior will be something that will arise as an ego response to impulsive behavior. This ego response is the one that generates discomfort due to the dream content, but underlying it is a latent and unconscious desire related to the meaning of death or murder.
  • Resentment towards something or someone: despite the fact that it is an unknown person whom we kill in our dreams, this can somehow offer us some important characteristics for the associative process, such as whether it was a man or a woman, how he dressed, what he was doing while you killed him And if he resisted.
Dream That You Kill Someone

What does it mean to dream that you kill someone and run away?

Dreaming that someone is murdered can be disturbing, but sometimes you can be aware that the act was an accident. This rational and non-unconscious intervention can make you wonder how he knows it was an accident, whether he slipped and you accidentally plunged a knife into him or he spun around and you were behind him and hit him with the knife.

In this sense, dreaming that you kill someone in self-defense or dreaming that you kill someone and run away could refer to the following meanings:

  • Regret something: you know that something that happened was an accident because of what you felt in the dream.
  • The unconscious latent desire for something bad to happen to someone.
  • Unresolved conflict with someone: You may experience some kind of disagreement with the person you accidentally killed in the dream.
  • Lack of responsibility – Doing something and running away may mean that you have recently run away from certain situations in your life because you are afraid of taking the consequences. If you want to be more responsible, don’t miss this article about the characteristics of a responsible person.

Meaning of killing someone known

Dreaming that you kill someone you know usually refers to conflicting experiences or events with the person you killed in the dream, for example, the relationship with the father, or conflicts with a brother, friend, or with your partner. If that were the case, this article can inquire about what it means to dream of a fight.

The response to what it represents to dream that somebody you love is killed could also be linked to some unresolved occasion with that specific individual. Sometimes these situations manifest in our dreams despite the fact that the current circumstances in the waking state are different from those of the dream.

As you can see, the meaning of dreaming of killing a person, whoever they are, can vary depending on the context in which they are located in the dream. If you want to understand what this dream event can refer to, here are some points that you should take into account when interpreting dreams:

  • Evaluate the quality of the relationship with the person you dreamed of.
  • Evaluate any anger or frustration that you have silenced or that you silenced at some point that was directed towards the person you dreamed of murdering or that could represent a link between all the meanings.
  • Events that may seem irrelevant to others may have been very significant to you, because they may represent an essential element in the unconscious that operates daily in your life.

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Dream That You Kill Someone

This article is merely For informational, at Psychologyorg we do not have the power to make a diagnosis or recommend a treatment. We request you go to a psychologist to treat your particular case.

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