dream that someone dies

What does it mean to dream that someone dies?

Death dreams are the ones that generally produce the greatest anguish in people, since, apart from being associated with cultural concepts of omens, they are also linked and covered with our moral part. Death scares us so much that dreams can even wake us up and thus end our rest cycle and spend hours or whole days thinking about its meaning.

When having these types of dream dreams, excessive care, and protection behaviors may arise to prevent what happened in the dream from happening. In this Psychologyorg article, we explain what it means to dream that someone dies.

Meaning of dreaming that someone known dies

Dreaming that someone dies can fill us with anguish not only in our dream life but also become part of our thoughts. Dreams in which someone dies and, above all, when it is someone very close, establish ruminative thoughts in our waking state, that is, thoughts that are repeated over and over again without being digested.

What does it mean to dream that someone dies according to Sigmund Freud?

Sigmund Freud said that most of the elements of dreams are representations of the deepest and most burning passions or desires. For this reason, the interpretation of this type of dream could follow this Freudian line. That moral part that we all have (our ego part) tries to hinder the free expression and/or manifestation of the death wish of the person who dies in our dream, that is, it causes the dreamer a lot of anguish because the ego part seeks to different ways the repression of the same deplorable desire to kill someone.

For example, the dreamer says “I had a very strange and ugly dream, I dreamed that you had died/I dreamed that Juanito had died; I feel that my dream predicts something to me, please be very careful when going out; I dreamed that you died, please be very careful when you go out on the street». Sigmund Freud said that hatred towards a loved person is restrained by hyper tenderness towards her and an excessive fear for her fate.

Freudian research reveals that many times, when an aggressive impulse is repressed, the defense not only prevents it from manifesting itself but exaggerates the contrary feeling, tenderness or care. He calls this “reactive formation”, a defense mechanism closely linked to the phenomenon of overprotection. Despite this, what is repressed returns –as it usually does– in fantasy, in fear that something bad will happen to the loved one. Hostile purpose is attributed to fate.

dream that someone dies

Meaning of dreaming of someone’s death

What does it mean for a person to die in a dream? The meaning of the death of a person in a dream can express underlying repressed feelings towards him. The meaning of death will always vary from person to person. In some cases, the death of someone in a dream refers to feelings of hostility towards that person, but the content of the unconscious that operates in the dreamer’s life must be deeply evaluated.

Next, we will see some specifications of this dream: dreaming that someone dies by drowning, in an accident, or being burned. What will be the meaning of each of these variants of dreaming that someone dies?

Dream of someone drowning

If you wonder what it means when someone drowns in a dream, you should know that there are many references to this type of dream. When a person drowns in a dream, it is associated with emotional drowning or with dangers or threats that we believe we are not capable of facing, either from the dreamer or from the person who was in the dream.

Even so, dreams do not acquire a universal or linear meaning of the “associative chain” type that Freud proposed but rather form a network of meanings, which is a more Lacanian term. For example, in an associative chain, the traumatic scene associated with the manifestation of this distressing dream would be sought. This may be that the person was about to die by drowning or some unique significant link such as, for example, that a brother dreams of drowning and then goes away in real life.

Even so, it should be noted that dreams may not be associated with significant traumatic events or events that may cause distress to anyone else.

Dreaming that someone dies in an accident

Dreams are still unconscious manifestations of the most latent desires, but above all dreams do not have a universal meaning. If you have ever dreamed that someone dies in an accident, you can ask yourself the following questions to dissociate its meaning.

  • Have you previously been in a similar accident, or of any other type, that has put your life or that of a loved one at risk?
  • Is there a feeling related to the person you dreamed about that, even though it may seem insignificant or silly to you right now, has arisen and caused discomfort?
  • During the day, did you see or hear any representation of an accident, for example, on television, mobile phone, in books, or in classes?
  • Have you been abandoned at some point in your life? For example, when you were little you were left alone at home, you got lost in a supermarket, or even one of your parents left without giving any explanation.

Accidental deaths are unexpected and therefore much more difficult to accept. People who have lost someone in an accident refuse to accept the loss, because minutes, hours, or seconds before they had talked with that person and had no opportunity to associate the death.

So, dreaming that someone dies in an accident can be associated with transience and fear of loss, emptiness, and sudden abandonment. Even so, depending on the person there may be so many more meanings. For example, if you fear transience so much, you have to explore whether there is any feeling of guilt with the person who dies in the dream and, at the same time, a conscious fact related to this event can cause anguish and fear.

Meaning of dreaming that someone burns to death

What does it mean to dream that someone burns to death? Fire, like so many dreams and unconscious elements, has various meanings, that is, for some fire can express anger, suffering, and evil, often linked to sins, pleasure, adventure, or risk, or linked to some traumatic event. or latent desire.

It is essential to establish the network of signifiers with the features that the dreamer relates. Thus, to understand what it means to dream of someone’s death, it is necessary to establish the relationship between the subject who dies and what it symbolizes in the dream. It would also be interesting to know if the dreamer tried to save him, enjoyed it or what was the behavior manifested in the dream since this can determine the interpretation of the dream.

In addition, for the interpretation of the dream, it would also be relevant to take into account who the protagonist is, since the interpretation changes a lot from dreaming that someone unknown dies to dreaming of the death of a loved one or, even, from dreaming that someone die and rise again.

dream that someone dies

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