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Interesting people are characterized by the fact that everyone wants to be with them, they create a good network of personal relationships, and they can maintain those relationships over time. Learning to get the attention of those around us is somewhat easier than it seems, we all have the potential to do it. It’s just about knowing how to differentiate yourself and putting into practice definite social skills that everyone will love.

In this Psychologyorg article, we will teach you how to be an interesting person with 12 very effective strategies. If you apply our guidelines and recommendations, you will become someone magnetic that everyone will enjoy and want to be with.

How to be an interesting person 12 tips

Avoid boring with long and monotonous conversations

Nobody likes to be with someone who talks and talks about their own things and ideas non-stop, especially if it is about technical and boring topics that he or she only understands. Therefore, to become a really interesting person you must learn to decipher what your receptors want to hear.

For example, if you notice that you have already talked for more than 5 minutes and no one has intervened or asked you a question, it is best to end the conversation to change the subject. Likewise, it is good that you be brief in your stories and avoid, at all costs, letting your ego and vanity take control of your words. Otherwise, the effect will be the complete opposite of what you are looking for.

Learn new and interesting skills

What is it like to be interesting? Another of the strategies to become someone like this is to learn certain skills that help others or that get their attention. In this way, the people around you will know that you are someone useful and that you can contribute in some way to them.

Obviously, to learn new things you have to put laziness aside and find a way to acquire new skills that are useful and attractive. That is, you must investigate new ideas and become an active learner every day of your life.

Value the opinions of others

If you want to be a really interesting person that people remember and are attracted to, you have to appreciate the opinions of others, be curious, and original, and never stop listening carefully to those around you.

In addition, many studies indicate that the most interesting people are not those who talk the most or dominate conversations, but those who know how to appreciate and listen to others.

In this way, if you want to learn how to be an interesting person for a man or a woman, collect certain clues about what others like so that you can intervene with a topic that is to their liking.

Take an curiosity in others and show empathy

How to be an interesting person to talk to? A very assertive strategy is to show empathy, respect, and attention to people. 80% of the way is won when you identify with the interests and needs of the people who are with you.

Try to ask questions about what they like, about their plans and projects. Of course, never start comparing their plans with yours, since you will sound self-centered. It is best to practice active listening and intervene only when necessary.

How to be an interesting person 12 tips

say yes to all invitations

Do you want to become an interesting person and have everyone want to be with you? So start saying yes to every invitation you get.

We know that this may sound exhausting, but if you begin to expand your circle of friends and stop being an introvert, little by little you will fill your life with experiences that will help you improve your social skills.

Promote your personal safety

Many people confuse being physically attractive with being interesting. The reality is that they are two very various things. Do you want to learn how to be interesting to a woman or a man? The first step is to believe in yourself and work on your self-esteem.

Once you have full confidence in your abilities, you will become a radiant person who leaves good energy wherever it goes.

Enrich your general culture

While it is true that people whose conversations are monotonous get bored, it is also true that to be interesting you must increase your level of general knowledge. That is, you must learn new things, and important topics, read a lot, and be aware of what is happening today.

In this way, you will always have a range of alternatives to make your conversations attractive and not so boring.

Tell stories that “hook”

Being an interesting person is also about being able to share engaging stories and experiences with others. To be interesting, you also have to keep your curiosity to the max by learning new skills, trying new activities, and asking lots of questions.

Although it is not easy to learn to tell stories that keep everyone alert and curious to the maximum, it is something that is learned with practice. In addition, this strategy goes hand in hand with the previous one, since when we increase the level of general knowledge, we will have many good stories to tell.

Learn to ask the right questions

How to know if you are an interesting person? The key is to see that those who listen to you participate in your conversation. In this sense, ask the right questions that include the interests of the people.

Remember that you should not focus on talking only about topics related to you, but that you should cover the things that those around you like to show yourself empathy.

It is good that you ask reflective (non-intrusive) questions such as: what do you think? would you agree? what would you have done? among others. Also, actively listen to the answers you receive, but without questioning the point of view of others.

have a good sense of humor

This is a key point to develop if you want to be an interesting person since a good sense of humor is a sign that you are someone with whom a good long-term relationship can be established.

In addition, cheerful and fun people will always be in the spotlight because they can control their emotions and not get involved with the points of view of others. Click on the following title if you want to learn how to be more fun and sociable.

How to be an interesting person 12 tips

Take an example from interesting people

Nothing better than the example of those who are already interesting people to take their strategies from. Therefore, spend time with someone you admire so that you gradually pick up some of their patterns.

Of course, never lose your originality because you would go from being someone interesting to being a copy of another person, and that is not what you are looking for.

practice spontaneity

One of the most important things to be an interesting person is to be spontaneous. You may feel a little scared at first, especially fearing what other people will say. However, when you gain confidence, you will learn to interact naturally, and that is something that attracts a lot of attention.

Finally, be what you want to project. That is to say, do not pretend a personality or a character that you do not have since that in the long run can be very counterproductive since you will stop being original.

If you follow these simple tips, you will see that others will consider you one of the most interesting people they have ever met.

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