How to make yourself feel pleasure during sex

How to make yourself feel pleasure during sex 10 Tips

Do you want to utilize more of your sexual relations? How to get your better half to climax? accelerating the sensation of pleasure during sex is essential to be able to enjoy a full, pleasant, and thriving sexual life.

For this rational motive, in this Psychologyorg article, we want to give you top-quality recommendations on how to make yourself feel delighted during sex, not only to attain more orgasms but also to be cognizance of much more satisfaction during sex. the relationship between the couple, the internalization of erotic toys, or the realization of fantasies can help increase the feeling of joy during sexual intercourse. We give you the keys, below.

How to make yourself feel pleasure during sex

Sex toys

Enjoying more pleasure During sex goes hand in hand with the utilization of sex toys. initiate them in your relationships to feel much more pleasure. Going to the market together to get them to try them together, will make you utilize your relationships more. In constituent, there is something for all, for example, vibrating rings, vaginal or anal dildos, remote vibrators for use in public places, handcuffs, latex, and lubricant materials… There is no limit so enjoy!


If you have reached this article, you should burn the following proposal into your head. If you need your sexual relations to be much more enjoyable, you must acquire to give and receive pleasure. In this consciousness, you must improve your ability and maintain good communication to make sure what your intersexual partner likes and to be able to transmit, also, those things that satisfy you the most.

Sharing fantasies, desires, and tastes will help you improve your sex sessions and increase pleasure during sex.


Although some people base their sexual relations on intercourse itself, to make yourself feel pleasure during sex you must wide-open your mind and pay attention to the preliminary examination that, without a doubt, is sometimes more consuming and pleasurable than intercourse itself. same.

Preliminary games are necessary and will allow you to explore the body and arouse the most erogenous zones of each member of the couple. In addition, it is a way to fill up the intimate areas and delay the climax to be able to feel it with much more strength. In the preliminary games, everything counts so we support you to use your imagination and enjoy the sexual desire, the melee, and the perception before intercourse.

How to make yourself feel pleasure during sex

Use imagination and creativity

We have pointed out the importance of foreplay, but it is necessary to use your imagination, creativity, and cognition about your partner’s tastes and fantasies to make them feel more pleasure during sex.

Reproducing breathtaking scenes, doing a striptease artist, setting the space with scented candles, playing sensual music, playing with dice, using feathers… Everything fits to intensify the sense’s experience! The all-important thing is to conceptualize the code of your sexual partner to make him respond with pleasure.

Oral sex

Oral sex is one of the most intriguing methods for increasing pleasure during sexual intercourse. Although for some people it is an uncomfortable condition, we assure you that it is an activity with which you will receive unparalleled natural action and with which you will reach the climax in a very satisfying mode.

For both men and women, oral sex will improve pleasure during sex. note that oral sex is an inexhaustible origin of pleasure during sex. Test it now!

Try new poses

Most of the time sex can be very automatic and boring and may not even give you the pleasure you want to get. So that this does not happen, it is very fascinating to try new positions that invite you to explore and conceive new ways to enjoy sex.

Not all of them have to take penetration into account while having sex. You can also move with the rubbing of the genitals, and vary the periodicity or the pressure levels to increase. The Kamasutra will give you infinite choices to experiment with new postures and positions that you still don’t know and that you will certainly love.

How to make yourself feel pleasure during sex - Try new positions

Postures for deep penetration

In case what you like most about your intersexual relations is an onslaught, we advise you to try the following positions that will permit deeper penetration and that will make you feel much more pleasure during sex.

  • Doggy style: permit intimate penetration and keeps your hands free to impact other areas.
  • The reinvention of the classic missionary: to make it more pleasureable by placing the legs on the men during sex.
  • Riding to ride your partner looking into his eyes or from behind to increase sexual desire and achieve deep onslaught during sex.
  • The bridge: in constituent to being a good yoga posture, it allows you to absolutely stimulate the G-spot while having sex.

Seek new perceptions and maximize pleasure while having sex!

Sexual fantasies

Understanding your partner’s desires will enable you to experience thrilling and morbid circumstances and improve your enjoyment. Moreover, fantasies can serve as a source of creative inspiration for new sex experiences. In this aspect, communication is essential. Will you risk trying?

New places

Did you know that there are other places besides the bed where you can have satisfying sex? Don’t stop there; find new ways to boost enjoyment in your sexual encounters. The floor, a bathroom, a kitchen, a shower, and nature’s Unending annoyance and pleasure are promised.

How to make yourself feel pleasure during sex

Be generous

To enjoy your intersexual relations to the overflowing, do not forget to be generous. Sex is a physical entity of two and, therefore, putting aside your pleasure will help you utilize and make your better half enjoy much more while having sex. As you can see, feeling pleasance is within your reach during sex!

This article is only for information content we cannot make an identification or advocate treatment. We arouse you to go to a psychologist to treat your particular case.

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